Principles of Animation

Course Overview

This course is designed to teach students the fundamentals and techniques needed to make an effective and clean animation using ToonBoom Harmony.

These fundamentals will sharpen the student’s overall ability to create fluid movement on any medium.

Who is this course for?


This is a beginner level course suitable for anyone interested in animation. This bite-sized programme will convey the basic tools for animating using ToonBoom Harmony Software.

Recommended for Ages 12+

If you’re at an intermediate or advanced level of application design and/or programming, please check topics to see if this course is applicable to you.

What you will need


  • A computer
  • Internet service (WiFi)
  • ToonBoom Harmony 15, 16, 17, or 20
  • Workstations for optimal ToonBoom experience

Course Outline

Pre-requisite: Computer Literacy

Getting Started

  • What is Animation?
  • Types of Animation
  • Principles of Animation
  • Introduction to ToonBoom Harmony

Applying the Fundamentals

  • Lesson A: Utilizing Pose-to-Pose, Timing & Spacing, Squash & Stretch, Anticipation
  • Lesson B: Utilizing Arcs, ease in and outs in addition to the previous principles.
  • Lesson C: Adding a tail (secondary action)
  • Lesson D: (FINAL ASSIGNMENT): Adding personality and Appeal to your blob

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