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Our Annual Digital Summer Camps are now virtual and give you the opportunity to learn the skills you need to create and shape the technological world around you. Our Next Level Virtual Summer Camp will be running for 1 full-week of training in 2021 virtually. This opportunity is primarily for children above age 10, teens, young adults and adults. No prior design or animation skills or experience required.


Our Camp courses are exciting, moderately priced and will equip you for innovative technology jobs in animation and design. Your course fee helps us to keep running our operations.

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Summer Camps

Every year, we host 1-week annual digital summer camps for children and youth to learn creative and digital courses on trending skills.


A unique way to introduce young creators to experienced talent and experts in digital and creative media skills.

Networks & Outreach

Our networks and outreach provide a great way for us to impact lives outside of Guyana.