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Creative compelling visual design and authentic storytelling that connects through animation

Visual Design

Graphic Design, Branding, Logo Design & Development, Digital Illustrations, Character Designs, Presentations, Motion Graphics and Visual Effects, Web Design & Development


2D Animation Production Pipeline, Scriptwriting, Voiceover Acting, Character & Background Design, Animation Production, Production Management & Coordination, Digital Asset Management, Talent Management

Creative Project Management

Digital/Virtual and In-Person Event Management, Trainings, Workshops, Corporate and Commercial Marketing, Social Media Management


We’ve worked with community leaders, commercial clients and corporations such as local franchises like Church’s Chicken Guyana and Pepsi. Our clients value our unique and compelling graphics, quality service and professionalism.


We use industry software that helps us to maintain clean graphics for every platform.

We design graphics, motion, animations and branded assets for a wide range of events, social media, workshops and training, music videos and artwork, logos and branding, presentations, booklets, itineraries, reports, website content and more.

Editing Software

our clients

“Thank you much. I love the first two in particular. Those are great ideas.”

Chevy Devonish
A Law A Day

“I love it. It goes with the song. It’s different I really love it”

Omaiah Hall
“We Fetin’ “

current and past partners

case study

Visual Design / Branding / Booklet Design / Travel Itinerary

The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust

We worked with The Queen’s Commonwealth Trust (QCT), an international charity in the United Kingdom, to design a compelling digital booklet and travel itinerary for their investors. Using supplied content and brand guidelines by QCT, we collaborated with their Marketing Manager and Executives to deliver a sleek, golden design featuring QCT Global Ambassador and model, Naomi Campbell, that would provide QCT investors and stakeholders with great insight to strengthen their support.

case study

Visual Design / Branding / Research / Logo Development / Logo Design

A Law A Day

A Law A Day (A.L.A.D) is a legal and social movement in Guyana pioneered by law students, legal professionals and scholars and practitioners focused on educating the community on the laws of Guyana. We were asked to deliver a logo and branded material that highlighted the role of the law and Lady Justice interwoven into the fabric of the Guyanese society.
Our Solution for this ALAD logo shows the Scale of Justice and Lady Justice adorned in gold and the outer wear of Lady Justice lined with the colours of Guyana.

case study

Animation Production / Scriptwriting / Voice-acting /Sound Engineering / Animation

The Old Higue

The Old Higue, a collaborative animation production with the Suriname Animation Network (SAN), tells the tale of the Ol’ Higue with a modern, scientific twist. The film also aimed to showcase the strength of Caribbean stories and the green forests which pervades the landscape of the Guianas. For this short film, the Guyana Animation Network and SAN (together as “SAGA Networks”) scored 2nd Place in the Animae Caribe Film & New Media Festival 2016 in Trinidad.

case study

Visual Design and Animation / Character Design / Music Cover Motion Graphics / Animation

“We Fetin’ ” – Omaiah Hall

Omaiah Hall is a singer, songwriter, teen model and pageant beauty extraordinaire, winner of the Guyana Junior Calypso Monarch 2020, 2nd Runner Up in the Miss Jamzone Pageant 2022 and a well-known performer. We were commissioned to help Omaiah design a visual character and music video animations and motion effects for her song “We Fetin” in a Soca Monarch competition in 2022.

What is GAN Studios?

GAN Studios is the Guyana Animation Network (GAN) Inc.’s newest venture and commercial arm. GAN Studios is a full service animation studio and design agency based in Guyana, South America. Its main purpose is to further GAN Inc’s non-profit skills training mission by:

  • Upskilling local and diasporic creators with animation job-ready skills.
  • Immersing those creators into on-the-job animation development and production work experiences.
  • Providing extensive commercial and project management services in animation, graphic design and technology.

Our Services

Commercial Service Offerings:

Branding and Logo Design 

One of our main service areas is providing logo design and creative consultations. At our studio, we work with creative designers to ensure that your logo is the look and feel that you want and need for your business. We help small business owners, creators, professionals, groups, agencies and corporations. 

  • Logo Design 
  • Creative Consultations 
  • Business Brand Kit
  • Research and Direction 
  • Social Audits


Graphic Design 

We create flyers, posters, graphics and visual aids for print and digital events, activities, services, products, businesses and workshops to name a few. Our designers are creators at heart and aim to achieve the desired creative vision. 

[ Commercial facing graphic capturing any of our graphics and/or logos worked on ]


Social Media Marketing, Management and Materials

We create social media graphics for a range of clients including businesses, non-profits, government and events. We manage postings and creation of marketing material based on our clients’ budgets and visions. We offer standard packages and special customized offerings.

Creative Project Management & Consultations:

  • Animation and Story Development
    We help our clients develop animation and story concepts for production through creative project management and consultations.
  • Animation Production
    We work along with creators to produce 2D/3D animation content for stories developed by creators.
    [ Visual of our collaboration project with SAN (SAGA) ] Some elements from Unicef project? ]
  • E-Learning Course Development
    We help our clients develop e-learning course packages or refine pre-existing courses with our project management and design theme. View our own courses here. (Link to our all courses page on destination digital design)

Corporate and Business Trainings

  • Workshops
  • Corporate and Small Group Graphic Design Accelerators

Creator-Focused Apprenticeship / Job Opportunities

How to get started with our services

If you’re a creator or a business or agency looking for work or looking to hire creative talent to work on your existing project, book a consultation below.

Work with us

Job Opportunities

Check out our available Job Opportunities here at GAN Studios. 

We support creators.
Creating connections for creators to learn and earn. 

We’re dispelling the old Caribbean myth that making money as a creator is iMposSible. In fact, creative

jobs are in high demand. Businesses, small and large, governments and agencies all need creative talent to better communicate their stories, vision, messaging, sales and activities. With the increasing use of social media and visual aid, having graphic design, animation, writing, videography, photography, acting and modeling skills are highly desired. These are some of the main skills we utilize in our studio from the creators standpoint. 

Current Activities

International Animation
Writer’s Workshop

Working with us

When you work with us, we provide:

  • One-on-one project management
  • Creative guidance and direction from the start
  • Seamless client onboarding and ongoing project management
  • Flexibility in our use of technologies, software and talent