2021 Next Level Summer Camp

Take your animation, game  design bibles and 3D modelling to the Next Level by participating in our one-week long 2021 Virtual Digital Summer Camp! Learn the industry fundamentals to animation, use industry software with 3D computer-aided design (CAD) trainers and design the game plan for a gaming idea from top Guyanese talent in Guyana and Canada.

Past Summer Camps:


Digital Summer Camps 

  • 2016 Traditional & Digital Painting Summer Camp

In 2016, GAN launched its first digital summer camp under the theme Traditional & Digital Painting. Our participants were introduced to creative painting, crayon etching and digital painting.



  • 2017 Digital Painting 2K17 Summer Camp

Building on the traditional art skills and introduction to digital painting, our participants were introduced to digital painting using the Adobe Illustrator (AI) software for the first time in 2017. Here, many participants learnt to pain and draw their own emojis using the software.



  • 2018 Comic Art 2k18 Summer Camp

GAN facilitated comic art training for the 1st time in Guyana. Using the aid of macron pens and artboards, student participants learnt to design nd style their own comic art characters.



  • 2019 Animation Summer Camp

In 2019, we decided to launched our first game design and development course using 3D software, Unity 3D for teens , youth and adults and Stop-motion animation and gaming resources for children participating in our camp. This was our largest in-person summer camp before the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020.



  • 2020 Destination Digital Design 

During the height of COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, GAN benefitted from a grant under the Queen’s Commonwealth Trust (QCT) to provide rapid responses to the pandemic through its digital courses, technology support and 3D printed face-shields’ partnership. This marked the launch of GAN’s e-learning platform and sparked the transition to digital and virtual training and resources.


  • Creating Creative Connections 2017

GAN hosted two of its first “Creating Creative Connections” series in 2017, an indoor networking event featuring its friends in the Animation Industry locally, regionally and internationally. Among its featured presenters in masterclass-style were Caiphus Moore, former Senior Artist at E.A Games; Navid Lancaster, a Sound Engineer at Lancast Ltd; Corretta Singer, a 3D Generalist; Anuskha Sonai, CEO of Spang Makandra N.V (Suriname); and GAN’s very own President, Francine Leitch and Founder, Jubilanté Cutting.



  • CARICOM Digital Dialogue

In 2020, GAN supported the CARICOM Dialogue hosted by the CARICOM Girls in ICT Partnership as part of its mission to advocate for higher educational and other opportunities for women and girls in STEAM and ICT careers. The Digital Dialogue featured key presentations on ICT, Youth and COVid-19: Crisis or Opportunity? and Girls in ICT: Actualising CARICOM’s Potential viewed by a regional audience from the CARICOM Secretariat’s online channels.

Outreach & Networks

We participate in or spearhead many Network Events that bring opportunity and exposure to our members and the communities we impact.


Some past events include:

  • Girls in ICT Interschools’ Initiative

In 2017, we launched their first Girls in ICT Interschools’ Initiative, under the theme, “Educate, Enhance, Empower”. Recognizing the importance of women and girls’ involvement in the ICTs and STEAM, our sessions featured highly interactive conversations with the girls a public and private school in Guyana. These conversations highlighted the role of girls in ICT, from global, regional and local perspectives, examples of girls in ICT projects around the world, and opportunities available. Then, the girls were trained in website design, product development, business development, creative media and management skills.



  • Animae Caribe Festival

Since GAN’s inception, the Animae Caribe Digital and New Media Festival has been at the core of its development. GAN has taken teams or individuals to participant in two physical festivals and one virtual festival to date. GAN’s ongoing partnership with Animae Caribe has allowed it to share network support for both groups.



  • CARICOM Staff Training Activity: Sophia Care Centre

As one of GAN’s regional partners, the CARICOM Secretariat has tapped into GAN resources to facilitate outreach activities in the Guyanese community. Through CARICOM, children in institutional care are exposed to digital and creative skills training, opportunities and resources so that they have equal opportunity and are not left without much needed digital skills  and literacy.

Summer Camps

Every year, we host 1-week annual digital summer camps for children and youth to learn creative and digital courses on trending skills.


A unique way to introduce young creators to experienced talent and experts in digital and creative media skills.

Networks & Outreach

Our networks and outreach provide a great way for us to impact lives outside of Guyana.