Our Partners & Supporters

Every year, we are grateful to receive support from our local, regional and international community of individual, corporate and other partners. By becoming aligned with the right partners, we are reducing cultural and creative inequity, enabling digital and creative diversity and opening the gap for Caribbean and underrepresented children and youth to access to digital and creative technology, education, jobs and resources.

Our Partners & Supporters

Regional & International Affiliations


Sponsor a child or youth in your community or business to learn digital and creative skills to transform their present and digital future at home, school, work or business.


Invest as little as US$50 / GY$10,000



For more information, email [email protected]


Train up the present and future generations for local and global opportunities by becoming a trainer. 


Commitments vary 


Interested in becoming a GAN Trainer? Are you an industry professional or expert? Are you committed to creative and digital workforce development?


Mentor a young creator, artist, gamer, animator if you are an expert in the creative and digital media industry by becoming an Idea and Project mentor or funder.


Commitments vary


Join our Idea and Project Mentorship Programme (Private Facebook Mentorship Group)


Host one of our exciting skills training or workforce development events.


Collaborative skills training


For more information, email [email protected]

Summer Camps

Every year, we host 1-week annual digital summer camps for children and youth to learn creative and digital courses on trending skills.


A unique way to introduce young creators to experienced talent and experts in digital and creative media skills.

Networks & Outreach

Our networks and outreach provide a great way for us to impact lives outside of Guyana.