Board of Directors

Jubilanté Cutting

Founder, Director


Jubilanté Cutting is the founder of the Guyana Animation Network (GAN) Inc.; founding it at just age 19. She served as our first President, Chairman and Executive Director from 2016 until 2018. From 2018, Jubilanté served in advisory roles on projects, plans and initiatives to GAN’s current President, Ms Francine Leitch. Together, Cutting and Leitch share the role of chairing critical decision-making and direction of GAN. Jubilanté currently serves as a digital advocate for GAN; her advocacy is both internal and external in which she provides and obtains legal and business support for the organization’s actions and operations.


As the founder of GAN and its former President and Chairperson, Cutting has experience growing GAN from a start-up to a nonprofit company. Her 4 years of executive and innovative leadership at GAN provides the Board with creative leadership, operational and project management experience, as well as a meticulous eye for documentation and communications. She pioneers global avenues and opportunities for impact and growth, and an open perspective to multiple ideas. As our founder and a GAN team member from its inception, Jubilanté brings to the Board an understanding of our business, operations and team; the opportunities and risks involved in leading and operating GAN; and our current and future goals, plans and strategy.


Jubilanté is a practicing Attorney-at-Law and Ambassador. Her global engagement and advocacy for GAN include but are not limited to the Nelson Mandela-Graca Machel Innovation Awards (2017), Queens Commonwealth Trust Scholarship (2019) and One Young World Summit (2019), Regional Finalist in the Commonwealth Youth Award (2021). As a student of the law and young leader, Jubilanté’s service on GAN’s board gives her a greater understanding and appreciation of her role as a director and the importance of corporate governance matters and understanding industry challenges and potential.

Francine Leitch

President, Executive Director

Former Director of Protocol and Information, volunteer and creator of GAN’s Girls in ICT Interschools’ Initiative, Francine Leitch serves as GAN’s President from 2018 to present. She has spearheaded many initiatives since GAN’s conception in 2016 and has served in various leadership roles within the organization’s executive team and in our various initiatives. As a lead trainer for two of GAN’s Digital Summer Camp and other workshops, Francine taught many children and youth digital skills and techniques such as the fundamentals of Animation using Pencil 2D, Adobe Illustrator to create digital art, designs and emojis, and how to prototype their own mobile applications using Marvel. Her extraordinary service in dedicating her time to inspire, teach and empower others was also exemplified in the same year when she created a Concept Note and Proposal for our intervention into public and private schools to empower more high-school-aged girls to pursue careers in entrepreneurship and innovation.


Leitch also enjoys managing projects for digital transformation in both her professional life as an Operations Administrator and in the scientific field as she is the holder of a Bachelor of Science Degree in Medical Technology. As Executive Director of GAN, Leitch brings to the Board critical thinking, research and data-driven focus to projects and initiatives undertaken by GAN within a local, regional and global context. She is an avid creative thinker and provides an equal balance of leadership, creativity, and organizational management.

Core Team

Precious Barrow

Volunteer & Camp Launch Coordinator

Precious Barrow is the youngest member on our team who currently serves as an Executive on GAN’s management team. Ms Barrow was the former Volunteer and Camp Launch Coordinator where she spearheaded and oversaw volunteer management. Her insights on topical and current youth perspectives on local, regional and global media trends, opportunities, software, technologies and creative products enhanced our ability to meet young audiences. Within GAN, Barrow serves as a lead and support trainer for our various digital skills training initiatives offered annually or by special invitation. She is proficient in the use of technology and creative software such as Adobe Illustrator and Pencil 2D for animation. Her sunny personality adds a flavourful to our internal and external activities dubbing her our Most Interactive Volunteer in 2019.


Prior to joining GAN in 2016, the then 15-year-old Barrow was an aspiring game designer. Joining the GAN community first as a member, then volunteer and now team member, gave her a bird’s eye view of opportunities within the industry that are open to young people particularly in the gaming industry. She grew a deeper passion for creativity and innovation, and in pursuit of her game development dreams, Barrow changed career streams at high school to read for an Associates Degree in Digital Media, Art and Design, Animation and Game Design in the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination. Her stellar performance at that examination confirmed her childhood dream in game development, and Barrow later registered for an international online programme in Game Development offered by Harvard.

Outside of GAN, Precious is the Animation Director of her own animation series called Mikayla’s Adventures, inspired by true childhood stories told to her as a child. Her animated series has entered regional film festivals for exposure through GAN. She is also a GAN representative on the CARICOM Girls in ICT Partnership and a recipient of funding to produce a collaborative game under Animae Caribe and the Caribbean Development Bank’s Creative and Cultural Industries Innovation Fund (CIIF).