Intro to Game Design (Story Bible)

Course Overview

This course is designed to introduce students to the fundamental principles of Game Design.

These fundamentals will sharpen the student’s overall ability to take their ideas from imagination to reality.


At the end of this course students will be equipped with the knowledge:

  • To brainstorm game ideas effectively
  • To create high concept documents
  • To create story bibles
  • To create prototypes

Who is this course for?


This is a beginner level course suitable for anyone interested in game design. This bite-sized programme will convey the basic tools for creating a basic game story bible .

Recommended for Ages 11+

If you’re at an intermediate or advanced level of application design and/or programming, please check topics to see if this course is applicable to you.

What you will need


  • A computer
  • Internet service (WiFi)

Course Outline

Pre-requisite: Computer Literacy


  • What is the Game Design Process?
  • Where Do Ideas come from?
  • The Design, Play, Experience Model (DPE)
  • The Mechanics, Dynamics, and Aesthetics (MDA) Model
  • Activity – Game Idea Brainstorm


  • The Role of the Game Designer
  • Ideas are NOT GAMES
  • Thinking of the world Around you as a Systems
  • High Concept Document Types
  • Activity – Creating a One Page High Concept Document



  • The Game World and World Building
  • Story Telling in Games
  • Settings and Plot
  • Characters
  • Types of Story Bibles
  • Activity – Creating a Game Story Bible


  • Designing Gameplay Mechanics
  • Level Design Basics
  • Balancing your Game
  • The Game Design Document
  • Activity – Creating a Game design Document


  • What is prototyping?
  • Physical and Digital Prototypes
  • User Experience Design
  • Play testing!
  • Create a digital Prototype.

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