“Here’s to all volunteers, those dedicated people who believe in all work and no pay.”
– Robert Orben

#VolunteerAppreciation posts worldwide often feature the faces of some of the world’s most dedicated, selfless and driven individuals who work tirelessly towards the goals of a cause. Without them, many projects would collapse, ‘fall through the roof’ or never happen. Because of this, we must be ever so conscious to show appreciation to those who serve the world, our communities, special projects, and progressive causes.

Today, we extend a huge #VolunteerAppreciation to our volunteers for the first pilot of our Girls in ICT Inter-schools’ Initiative. We wish them a productive week as we enter into our penultimate week of scheduled activities.

Join us in wishing our volunteers a great week!

If you are a volunteer in Guyana or around the world Happy #VolunteerAppreciation to you too. 


The world’s best volunteers!!